Consulting (est. Time 1-2 Hours)

We provide consulting services on everything from PC / Laptop upgrades and purchases to Designing Software for House Renovations, Landscaping, etc.Contact US, tell us want you want or need to do to do and we will come up with an economical solution for you. Remember the more informationyou provide the better we can serve you. We will set up an appointment with you to go over the details to ensure we have everything we need and were both on the same track.

Then we will do some research if we don't already have the answer for you to find you exactly what you are looking for and how to get it.Remember no question is too small, and a well informed decision saves time, money and energy and that is what Pace Computer Repair & Solutions is all about, saving our Customers time, money and energy.

Laptop / Computer Cleaning (est. Time 1 Hour)

We will ensure that the internal system of your Laptop / Computer is cleaned properly (all cooling fan(s), power supply, processor heat sink(s) etc). We will clean the laser on your DVD/CD-rom and Floppy drives. With a clean system your Laptop / Computer will be more efficient with less chance of it over heating, helps with Computer performance and stability.

PC / Laptop Optimization (est. Time 1 Hour)

We clean, re-organize your computer, check and repair allocation tables, remove bugs, and useless files and software.

PC Hardware Installation (est. Time 1 Hour):

The customer can go and purchase the hardware they wish to have installed in the computer / laptop then call us and we will install it for them. (We will not guarantee that the item to be installed will work 100% with the computer / laptop unless it was recommended by us).


The customer can call and talk to one of our technicians; tell him what they are trying to do. We will find the right hardware to be installed and give them a quote. We will then order in all parts. When the part(s) come in we will notify the customer and setup a time for it to be installed. (We will guarantee that the item installed by us will be 100% compatible with your Computer / Laptop. If it isn't then we will pay for it and no fees will be charged).

Upgrading (est. Time 1 Hour)

We will sit down with the customer to discuss everything the customer wishes to do with their Computer / Laptop. After taking down all the information we will do the research required to find the best deal for the parts required. We will then contact the customer to see if they wish to continue. If the customer agrees to the quote we will order the parts (if we don't have them in stock). Then setup an appointment with the customer to do the upgrade.


Please be advised that it is sometimes more feasible to recommend to the customer it is cheaper to replace the PC / Laptop then to upgrade (this is determined by several factors) much of which consists of the following: Age of system, Cost of parts, what the customer uses the system for, the amount of items to be upgraded, Etc).