Wired / Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Setup (est. Time 2 Hours)

We will setup your network or wireless (Wi-Fi) network and all networkable items to file share, print, and use the Internet. We will also secure your Wireless network so the INFORMATION on your network is safe and secure. 

Network Attached Storage Device (NAS) Setup (est. Time 2 Hours) We will setup a Network Area Storage Device (NAS) with everything the device has to offer most come allow you to have a Web Server (the ability to Host a Web Site), Download Station (the ability to Torrent Download), Web File Manager (the ability to use FTP to download and share files), Share and Host a USB Printer on your Network and also setup a Surveillance Station (Capture Security Video).

Network Device Setup to Existing Network (est. Time 1 Hour) We will setup any network device you may wish to have setup on your existing network (Printer, Hard Drive, NAS, On-line Gaming Console, Blue Ray Player (if capable), Other Computers, or Laptops, Media Player, Etc.We can also create the Network if you have the following: A Router and 2 or more network capable devices.

File and Printer Sharing (est. Time 1 Hour)We will setup your computers to file and printer share within your home or business network.

Firewall and Router Optimization (est. Time 1 Hour) The technician will setup your firewall and Router up to allow the user to use certain programs like MSN Messenger, Yahoo and allow you to video chat with your camera etc. As most firewalls and Routers have conflicts with these programs and need to be specifically setup with your Firewall and Router to work properly and efficiently.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup (est. Time 2 Hours) We will setup a virtual Private Network for your home or business. Definition: A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization's network. It aims to avoid an expensive system of owned or leased lines that can be used by only one organization. The goal of a VPN is to provide the organization with the same secure capabilities, but at a much lower cost. It encapsulates data transfers between two or more networked devices not on the same private network so as to keep the transferred data private from other devices on one or more intervening local or wide area networks. There are many different classifications, implementations, and uses for VPNs.

Internet Filtering and Protection (est. 1 hour) We will setup your network or router to ensure that employees or clients are not using the Internet to surf pornographic material, socialite website's or down loading music and movies.

Network Cabling (est. Call for Quote) We will professionally install network cabling and outlets in your home or office.

Network Diagnostics (est. 1 Hour) We will trouble shoot your network and find out what equipment is causing your network problems.

On-line Gaming Console Setup (est. Time 1 Hour) We will setup your on-line gaming console (i.e. Wii, XBox360, PS3, Media Station) to play games on-line. Any membership fees are the customer’s responsibility.

FTP Setup (est. Time 1 Hour) We will set your PC / Laptop up including your router to use a Server or FTP Program to allow you to download from Servers or to allow you to Host a Server to allow others to download files from you this would also allow you to download your files from basically anywhere that you have an Internet connection.